Victor Woods

The puzzling and curious manifestation of the life of Victor Woods.

“Mr. Woods is a man of considerable talents, his powers of persuasion are remarkable, he would have made an extraordinary salesman.”

– Assistant United States Attorney, Josh Buchman


Naturally talented Victor has been referred to as brilliant by some and a genius by others. The story of Victor Woods is incredible and amazing.

Born into affluence to a mother with a master’s degree in education, and a father who was a director of technical research for a Fortune 500 company. From the very beginning, Victor’s life would exemplify the lyrics of one of Frank Sinatra’s greatest songs, “I Did It My Way,” and Victor clearly has done it his way. Victor discovered his talent for speaking and
communicating with others early in life; a Montessori school expelled Victor for allegedly talking too much in class. Victor was the only black boy in his school. In fact, from the very beginning educators misunderstood and struggled with exactly what to do with him. Opened a candy store at school, at the tender age of 11, Victor was the poster child for ambition. Victor Woods went to anonymously produce, distribute, and edit a newspaper in high school; this prompted high school officials to contact the police department to investigate and shut down the underground press. Subsequently, Victor Woods enlisted the help of his class president and some of his friends to orchestrate a very lucrative crime ring using
police scanners, binoculars, and walkie-talkies to baffle and evade police; his exploits eventually culminated into front page news.


“Never Give Up”

In his early 20’s Victor would be referred to as a mastermind by the United States Secret Service after refusing to cooperate and implicate family and friends to save his own neck, which prompted his attorney to dub Victor as A Breed Apart. The U.S. federal government sentenced Victor for orchestrating a $40 million-dollar Visa Gold Card counterfeiting conspiracy. Assistant United States Attorney, Josh Buchman stated, “Mr. Woods is a man of considerable talents, his powers of persuasion are remarkable, he would have made an extraordinary salesman.” After surviving a year in solitary confinement, Victor Woods was determined to resurrect his life and use his incredible gifts to help people. Before his release from prison, Victor vowed to become a national speaker, author and to bring his story to the big screen in Hollywood. As you might imagine, his ambitions were matched with cynicism by some and
raucous laughter by most, never deterred by what other people think and the wisdom of knowing it’s not what other people think about you but what you think about yourself. Victor harkened to the words of his maternal grandmother, “You Can Make It!”

“A Breed Apart “

Now Available

The True Story of a $40 Million Credit Card Conspiracy, Betrayal, Prison, and Redemption



The Victor Effect

  • Victor Woods is a phenom and an absolute force of nature.  He is constantly in perpetual motion like a shark. Simply put, he is relentless and is a true example of what it takes to beat the odds and make it to the top in any game you play.
    Bryan Smiley
    President of Film & Television
    Kevin Hart's Harttbeat Productions
  • “Working with Victor you learn to leave the world of consumers and enter the world of manufacturers.”

    Kevin Coker
    United States District Court
    Southern District of Ohio
  • “Will inspire and captivate you.”

    Ilyasah Shabazz
  • “Victor Woods takes us on an emotional journey . . . . A Breed Apart grips you from the very first chapter. “

    Chaka Khan
    Grammy Award winning artist
  • “A life-altering reading experience that contains a priceless and timeless message.”

    Claude Brown

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