A Journey to Redemption

Victor Woods

Victor is the founder and CEO of Success International Incorporated. His message of “never give up” has made him a highly sought-after speaker for corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, prisons, and other organizations across the US, as well as a consultant for law enforcement.

A Breed Apart

"I Did it My Way"

Naturally talented Victor has been referred to as brilliant by some and a genius by others.  The story of Victor Woods is merely incredible and amazing.  Born into affluence to a mother with a master’s degree in education, and a father who was a director of technical research for a Fortune 500 company.  From the very beginning, Victor’s life would exemplify the lyrics of one of Frank Sinatra’s greatest songs, “I Did It My Way,” and Victor clearly has done it his way.  

In his early 20’s Victor would be referred to as a mastermind by the United States Secret Service after refusing to cooperate and implicate family and friends to save his own neck, which prompted his attorney to dub Victor as A Breed Apart. The U.S. federal government sentenced Victor for orchestrating a $40 million-dollar Visa Gold Card counterfeiting conspiracy.  Assistant United States Attorney, Josh Buchman stated, “Mr. Woods is a man of considerable talents, his powers of persuasion are remarkable, he would have made an extraordinary salesman.”  

After surviving a year in solitary confinement, Victor Woods was determined to resurrect his life and use his incredible gifts to help people.  Before his release from prison, Victor vowed to become a national speaker, author and to bring his story to the big screen in Hollywood. 

Today, Victor Woods has accomplished just precisely what he vowed to do.  Arriving on the national scene with appearances on CNN, FOX TV, C-Span, as well as, in magazines and newspapers across the United States.  After capturing the attention of Sony Pictures’ Vice President, Bryan Smiley, who optioned Victor’s autobiography A Breed Apart, for a major television series based on his unbelievable life story.  Sony Vice President Smiley tapped executives at Warner Bros Studios to join the project. Currently, Victor’s autobiography, A Breed Apart is now under contract and presently in development.

Against all the odds, Victor’s message to “Never Give Up” has traveled all over from engagements at colleges, schools, corporations, conferences, and law enforcement officials and institutions across the United States.  It’s worthy of mention that Victor’s inspirational story has been heard at Fordham University, Morehouse College Business School, University of Michigan, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Disney World and Sony Music executives in New York. If that’s not enough, he shared center stage with former President Barack Obama in Chicago during a speaking engagement.  

Simply put, Victor Woods is captivating and, is without question, a testament to one man’s desire to make it, the unconquerable human spirit.  Who is Victor’s audience?  Everyone who is determined to get the most out of life, be the very best they can be, and achieve their goals despite any obstacles put in their path.  


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A Breed Apart: The True Story of a $40 Million Credit Card Conspiracy, Betrayal, Prison, and Redemption

In his “energetic” (Publishers Weekly) memoir, Victor Woods vividly recounts a trouble-filled and misunderstood coming-of-age in the suburbs of Chicago, the rollercoaster ride that led him to captain a multi-million dollar counterfeit scheme, and his life-changing stint in federal prison.

“A Breed Apart” is available for purchase by Simon & Schuster here

"The Victor Effect"

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