A Breed Apart

“Victor Woods is a phenom and an absolute force of nature. Rest assured, he will take your business to the next level.”

-Bryan Smiley, President of Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Productions


Victor Woods...a Journey to Redemption

Victor Woods enjoyed a distinctly privileged childhood. Born to an affluent Chicago family -- the son of a Fortune 500 executive and a dedicated schoolteacher -- Woods attended all the best schools, and was never in want for anything. He lived safe in the bosom of a loving home. But like so many African Americans who came of age in post-segregation America, newly entitled to the benefits of racial integration, Woods felt alienated and enraged... Fascinated by street life and fast money, he turned to petty theft before graduating to armed robbery and credit-card manufacturing. At the height of his larceny, he had amassed forty million dollars' worth of counterfeit credit cards. His high-stakes grifting eventually got the attention of the law and landed him in prison. Six years later, he was released from prison, where many moments of truth brought him to the realization that crime does indeed not pay and he needed to change his life.

Victor Woods is the founder and CEO of Success International Incorporated. His message of “never give up” has made him a highly sought-after speaker for corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, prisons, and other organizations across the US, as well as a consultant for law enforcement. He has been featured on CNN, The O’Reilly Factor, ABC News, C-SPAN, and BET.

Victor Woods

A Breed Apart: The True Story of a $40 Million Dollar Credit Card Conspiracy, Betrayal, Prison, and Redemption

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